Guide to Video Production 7 – File exporting

Getting the video into a format that can be shared is very important.  You want all your hard work to be seen clearly and without stutters and glitches.  The best file to export is an H.264 MP4 file.  This seems to be the best format and plays on PC, Mac, iPad and other tablets.   Try different file formats though, as different applications need different file sizes and qualities.

There is a range of encoding software products on the market if your editing suite doesn’t support the one you need. Search online for one that suits your needs.

File Uploading

The easiest method to get your video shown is via YouTube.  This is free to use.  You can design your own YouTube channel and have your company logo etc. as the background.  To get the best results you should upload the highest quality version of your video.  YouTube has the ability to multiple encode different versions and the clever bit is that it auto detects the bandwidth of your internet connection and then plays the appropriate file.  You can override this option as well.

Websites have never been easier to upload videos to.  You will need your web developers to advise on your particular site, but as long as the site is designed in HTML you should be able to share the code from YouTube and then import this direct into your site.  This means there are no video hosting costs to deal with and the video should play on your page.

Our site looks like this    HTML should allow you to adjust the size of the video window and even the position of the window on the page.

YouTube also helps with SEO.  YouTube is the second largest search engine and having a video loaded on there with appropriate tags added really does help with SEO.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Vimeo are just a few examples of where you can host your video.  Once there all you need to do is share the link to your audience.  Then sit back and wait for the call for the next one!


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