Guide to Video Production 7 – File exporting

Getting the video into a format that can be shared is very important.  You want all your hard work to be seen clearly and without stutters and glitches.  The best file to export is an H.264 MP4 file.  This seems to be the best format and plays on PC, Mac, iPad and other tablets.   TryContinue reading “Guide to Video Production 7 – File exporting”

Guide to Video Production 6 – Graphics

Graphics can add real value to any video.  Often a simple graphic outlining a process or flowchart allows the viewer to clearly see in a way that a vocal explanation can’t.  Graphics can be simple PowerPoint slides, simple on screen text or bespoke animations.   Whichever you chose be sure they are not over-written. Avoid font sizesContinue reading “Guide to Video Production 6 – Graphics”

Guide to Video Production 5 – Post Production

Editing is a time consuming and creative process.  It’s where the video takes shape.  Modern laptops and basic editing software will allow you to join shots together and build a sequence. File management is critical.  You will end up with dozens and sometimes hundreds of separate asset files so keep them in one place andContinue reading “Guide to Video Production 5 – Post Production”

Guide to Video Production 4 – Filming

The secret to a successful video is to acquire a variety of shots that allow editing choice.  It’s no good just filming everything from one camera position using the camera mic.  You must carefully plan and organise the whole process. Our advice is to get a professional crew to help out for at least thisContinue reading “Guide to Video Production 4 – Filming”

Guide to Video Production 3 – Preparing for the Shoot

A recce visit prior to the shoot to see the location and meet with all the participants who are likely to appear is really important. It may be necessary for all participants to sign a release form saying they are happy to be filmed and for the material to be used.  This will cover yourContinue reading “Guide to Video Production 3 – Preparing for the Shoot”

Guide to Video Production 2 – Storyboard/Scripting

Lay out the video in a paper document in the order you expect it to run.  The best way to do this is to create a document in table form with 2 columns and multiple rows.  This will allow you to use one column for the narrative content i.e. what is going to be said,Continue reading “Guide to Video Production 2 – Storyboard/Scripting”

Guide to Video Production 1 – Planning

Video is a powerful business communication tool.  YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the planet, and with social media utilising the power of video there has never been an easier way to show off your products or services, or deliver important messages across your organisation. If you are using video and shootingContinue reading “Guide to Video Production 1 – Planning”